Monthly Archives: April 2013

A little ditty about me

Hi. My name’s Jake, Jacob, Jakey. Whatever. I love my down time. Sadly I dont have enough of that. Life has been crazy figuring everything out lately and this blog will hopefully let me uncover some things in my life. After this crazy winter I really can’t wait until it gets warm. I want to be able to bounce on the trampoline every day, run til I faint, and swim like there’s no tomorrow. I love my family and friends and couldn’t live without ‘em. I’m currently a little slow to pick my topic for this Capstone project. I have a few ideas that I would like to research about: creativity, randomness, and art. I still don’t know how I would create a thesis around these topics however. I want to know how creativity is formed, how randomness affects things, and how art affects one’s life and emotions. Overall I’m looking forward to summer, and working, and life to just straighten itself out already.