Creativity Test

creativity pic. crisis

James C. Kaufman and Kyung Hee Kim are both well known researchers on creativity. They were sent pictures like this one above and were asked to evaluate the creativity by using The Torrance Test of Creative Thinking. Both Adults and Children were asked to take five minutes of their time to draw whatever came to their mind. Some of the surveyed were given great creative scores while others fell a bit short when it came to original, creative ideas. The people who scored the highest had the will and fought through the fear of failing in order to unleash their inner creativity. Nowadays creativity solves problems and answers questions in many different ways. There was no true, definite answer to finishing the drawings that were given to these contestants. They used their creative spark to solve what was in front of them. Activities like this are an essential way to determine creativity as well as continue creative growth in our society. We can’t make the population be fearful of being creative. Creativity is what makes the world grow as a whole: developing new products, coming up with solutions to diseases, and understanding how the mind develops new ideas.


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