Capstone Proposal: The Absence of Creativity

Creativity is the basis for all human growth and existence. The act of being creative is characterized by originality and expressiveness, or once described as having imaginative qualities. “Creativity is really a catch-all term for a variety of very different kinds of thinking” (Lehrer). Many have thought that creativity has been lost greatly in the recent years; this is mainly caused by education strictly reducing creativity in children. Is it the fear of failure that works against the creative mind? Do teachers tend to fill their students with fear by setting specific guidelines for daily work? Creativity is all around us; it’s in the five year old girl at the park all the way to the sixty five year old grandpa that can’t stop playing chess. They have overcome the fear and aren’t ashamed to fail.

                I wish to research how the fear of failure greatly affects creativity and the people that fear touches. “The only way to change your reaction to failure is to challenge the beliefs that create it–those ideas about what failure means” (Tiny Buddha). Failure is something we make up to put ourselves down. I want to know how to change the fear of failure in everyone and expand creativity everywhere.  How would one overcome the fear of failure? Does it take creativity to improve our world, or is it fear that drives us? Finally I want to know how fear works to compress creativity in children and in our society in general.

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