Negative Creativity

So I’ve been doing a bit of thinking on this project and my subject of the fear of creativity, and I’ve come up with a term: “Negative Creativity”. I define negative creativity as the absence of creativity or loss of it. Society has come to criticize creativity much too often. The only places where creativity are openly acceptable are in the Arts: Theatre, Music, or Physical Art, etc. However, this brings on thoughts of negative creativity. Is it okay if I ask this question? Is it okay if I present this project in an interpretive dance? Of course it is, but children and adults alike are used to a set way of doing things, and straying from the “right way” is thought of as being harmful to ones progress.

Personally I want the negative creativity in my life to go away. Creativity is a great and wondrous thing, as long as it is used in the right ways. I tend to think within the little details of everything, so I want to start to take time away from thinking and give time to create pure creativity. 


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