“He didn’t know which door or wall or opening in the house to jump at, to get through, because one was an opening that wasn’t a door it was a void, or kid and the other was a wall that wasn’t an opening…”

This is a quote from a short story I read called The Door. This story reminded me a lot about my own life. I think by doors the author means life decisions, and there are so many different ways to go in life, but one of them is going to be a dead end. Ultimately there’s only one path that you’re going to take and that is the right one. The other paths you may go down and realize that you have to turn around or branch off. The author also talked about rats being tested with these doors. I took rat testing and thought of mazes. In mazes, there is typically one way out and one way in. There are many paths that might take you to the end, but there is only one end, and hopefully yours has a good ending.


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